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Inventing Bitcoin

by Yan Pritzker
106 pages

The Technology Behind The First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained

Most people, upon first hearing about Bitcoin, don’t really understand it. Is it magical Internet money? Where does it come from? Who controls it? Why is it important?


Bitcoin may well be one of the most important inventions of our time. Find out why in this short book. Educate yourself before you invest.

"Bitcoin is the first digital system which enforces scarcity without any middlemen and is the first asset known to humanity whose unchangeable supply and schedule of issuance is known completely in advance."

About Yan Pritzker

I've been a developer and startup co-founder for the last twenty years, with experience in all aspects of software development and early startup strategy.

In 2012 I joined David Kalt as the co-founding CTO at, a business we grew to over 130 employees, close to half a billion dollars in annual sales, and to the top 300 trafficked US websites.

In 2016, I became deeply interested in Bitcoin and spent hours every day listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading technical and economic information. In 2017 I decided to depart from Reverb in order to pursue my passion of bringing Bitcoin to the world.

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